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Bronway Compact Tote Palletiser (CTP)


"With Bronway Automation you’re in safe hands"

When our customer needed a compact bespoke handling system to remove the health and safety risk to their operators whilst carrying heavy totes, they turned to Bronway Automation for the perfect solution.



Our customer, a large American multi-national medical device manufacturer based in Ireland, required a tote handling, filling & palletising system to remove the health and safety issues relating to their employees lifting heavy totes during normal production.

They also sought to reduce operator workload at the filling and palletising stage of their manufacturing process.

The Bronway CTP was the perfect answer to all their requirements.


Our solution:

The Bronway Compact Tote Palletiser (CTP) is part of our product range and is designed to automate the handling and stacking of totes. With the addition of a customised buffer that accepts product directly from their production lines, we were able to provide a solution that exactly met all of their requirements.

The CTP removes the requirement for operators to manually place totes onto filling stations, wait for them to fill before having to lift the full, heavy tote onto a nearby pallet.

A 3 axis pick & place servo system (including our proprietary telescopic Z axis) does all the work by picking, orientating, placing, filling and palletising the heavy totes, all within a securely guarded zone. Now, operators simply wheel a stack of empty totes on a custom trolley into the machine, place an empty pallet in position, and the CTP takes care of the rest. This results in a 90% reduction in operator workload and vastly reduces the risks associated with manually lifting and carrying heavy items.



As with all Bronway Automation solutions, the Bronway Compact Tote Palletiser is not only meeting our customers’ requirements but exceeding their expectations. Our customer is now planning to install a CTP on each of their current and future production lines.

If you require additional information or a variation on any of our products, please or contact us.

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