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Bronway DVD250 Spindle Counter


"Netflix is counting on us"

When Netflix needed a way to verify the quantity of DVDs being received from suppliers they turned to Bronway, and we turned to our proven DVD250 Spindle Counter.



Netflix was receiving thousands of DVDs every day from distributers and had no foolproof way of recording exactly what was entering the system. This was the first project on which Netflix and Bronway worked together.



Bronway suggested integrating three of our desktop DVD250 Spindle Counters into Netflix’s receiving process. The DVD250 is an off-the-shelf product but we added an additional barcode scanner to read the barcodes on the Netflix spindles. The entire solution was then integrated into the Netflix database so that all stock information (DVD titles and numbers) could be uploaded automatically.



Each DVD250 gives an exact count of DVD quantities on every spindle and uploads that count to the database via the data link. From day one these counters worked flawlessly and are still an integral part of the receiving process today. This was the beginning of a strong working partnership between Bronway and Netflix that has advanced further than either company could have imagined when we started.

Read on to see the next step in the process, inserting the disc into a sleeve and printing & applying a label.

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