CD/DVD Counting

DVD-250 CD/DVD Spindle Counter


Losing count of DVD/CDs in production can be very costly, particularly when it becomes necessary to re-mount stampers to complete an order. Accurate counts of CD/DVDs helps to minimise rework, reconcile production counts, ensure accurate delivery quantities and reduce material and labour costs.

Bronway Ltd. has now designed the DVD-250 Spindle Counter to address the specific, ever-changing count demands created by new disc formats.

New DVD formats (including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW) are continually placing greater demands on count technology.

DVD Count issues now include:

  • Smaller stacking rings
  • Greater disc warp
  • Wider variation of disc thickness
  • Increased focus and importance on operator Health & Safety.

(Not all counter laser devices on the market conform to US and EU workplace Health and Safety regulations. This can expose your operators to serious eye and skin damage and your company to potentially expensive lawsuits)

All Bronway CD/DVD spindle counters conform strictly to CE and US workplace Health & Safety regulations.

DVD-250 Features

  • Double speed count without verification (200 discs –1.2 seconds; 50 discs – 0.5 second).
  • High speed count and verification (200 discs –2.3 seconds; 50 discs – 1 second).
  • 7 distinct error messages for pinpointing count issues viewable through display.
  • Detailed diagnostics utility accessible through PC port, viewable on counter display.
  • Accurate counts – 99.99% accuracy.
  • 100% repeatable.
  • Programmable in seconds.
  • Through-scan laser operation with powerful SCANRITE+Ó maths algorithm.
  • Option to show running total for batch counts.
  • Red/Green, Go/No go Visual indicators to denote pass/fail on pre-set quantity.
  • “Hands free” auto start option.
  • Programmable for a variety of spacer types.
  • Programmable to subtract shipping blanks.
  • RS232 port for a variety of label printers.
  • RS232 port for PC – Host Monitoring/Reporting Systems.
  • High-resolution graphical display.
  • Robust drive mechanism and electronics.
  • Automatic laser-off feature.
  • Automatic self test on power-up.
  • Safe solid state laser

DVD-250 Benefits

  • Determine production yields at each process stage. Pinpoint areas of CD/DVD loss ‘in-process’ - full CD/DVD tracability.
  • Set-up and operation by non-technical personnel via the keypad and display on the front panel.
  • No pre-configuration charges, as the DVD-250 is fully programmable.
  • Optional Host PC Information Centre Displays current status of Normal and batch modes on a PC monitor.User programmable fields for job details. Information is stored in a database format for further customer definable reporting.

Weight:12 kg
Dimensions:240 x 310 x 500mm
Power Requirements:220/110 VAC 50/60 Hz

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