Disc Handling & Inspection

IDV-120 IDENT Code Reader


The Bronway IDV-120 Code Reader has been designed to perform 100% IDENT code verification of discs in-line during the printing and packaging process. The reader can be fully integrated in to any machine in the Bronway range or installed as an OEM module on to most commercially available printing and packaging machines. Since most of the discs produced today are identified using barcode technology the reader is optimised for barcode verification, however, an OCR module is available to maintain compatibility with back catalogue.

Ease of operation is a key feature of the IDV-120 and the system will automatically detect the format of the barcode used to identify the disc. The correct code for the current job can either be read directly from a disc placed on the optical head, scanned from the paperwork accompanying each job using a hand-held barcode scanner or entered manually using a virtual keyboard. The reader maintains production statistics for the current job that can either be archived to a floppy disk or transferred to a server across a network. All key system parameters, including light intensity levels, are automatically optimised during the new order process to give the best possible performance levels at run-time.

IDV-120 Features

  • Reads most CD and DVD formats.
  • Automatic barcode detection and set-up.
  • True OCR capability for alphanumeric code recognition
  • Solid-state optics with automatic light control.
  • Compact Industrial design.

Cycle time:< 0.5 s or 120 disc per minute (Disc is required to remain static for approx 1ms)
Supported barcode formats:Code 39, Code 128, Sony Code.
Electrical Interface:24v Digital I/O opto-isolated.
Power Supply:110-240vAC 50-60Hz.
Environmental:0-40°C <90% humidity.
Sensor:1k x 1k x 8bit monochrome, white light solid-state illumination.

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