Disc Handling & Inspection

IHS-2002 CD/DVD IDENT Handling System


The Bronway IHS-2002 IDENT Inspection Handling System is a mechanical handling system designed specifically to support the high speed automated inspection of IDENT/Bar-Codes on CD/DVD’s in a manufacturing environment with minimum operator intervention.

The system is designed to inspect and/or reject discs at speeds up to 90 parts per minute (Vision System Dependent). The discs are fed to the inspection point by a six-spindle changer. The discs are presented to the inspection point by a pick and place mechanism and once inspected, are picked and placed onto a rejection station. If the disc is incorrect, it is rejected at this point. Alternatively, it is picked and placed onto a spindle on the Output Conveyor. Exact quantities can be kitted to the output spindles for hand pack quality assurance (i.e. 10s’, 25s’, 50s’, 100s’ etc).

Care has been taken in the design to ensure a minimum spindle change at the output so as to ensure minimum downtime when batching off in small quantities for manual assembly/fulfilment.

IHS-2002 Features

  • Floor Standing Unit.
  • 6 Spindle CD/DVD loading station.
  • CD/DVD Inspection from below.
  • Integrated CD/DVD reject station with a removable spindle through an interlocked door.
  • Full Spindle-Feed Conveyor (for continuous operator supply).
  • Empty Spindle-Feed Conveyor (for re-circulating empty spindles into IHS-2002).
  • Static Spindle-load station (for positional accuracy of IHS-2002 un-load to spindle).
  • Three mechanically synchronised Pick and Place Arms.
  • Precision encoder position control.
  • Up to 90 CD/DVD presentations at the inspection station per minute.
  • PLC Control with LCD MMI.
  • CE-Marked.

IHS-2002 Options

  • Spindle Elevator to cater for varying height spindles.
  • Hepa Filter.
  • Reject mechanism with secure collection bin beneath table-top.

IHS-2002 Benefits

  • High Speed validation of discs IDENT prior to hand pack assembly
  • Operator defined batch counts capability – invaluable where hand-packaging quality assurance is controlled by kitting exact quantities to operator.
  • Enhanced security measure within packaging area. Over-production discs can be verified prior to destruction.
  • 100% incoming inspection capability without risk of incurring line downtime.
  • In process validation if required.

Weight:approx 400kg
Dimensions:2500 x 950 x 2000mm
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 5A
Air Requirements80psi, 10CFM

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