CD/DVD Packing

SP-260 Soft-Box Assembly Machine


Bronway’s, SoftPak-260 has been designed to address the demand for mid to high-end automated DVD SoftBox Packaging solutions in the most cost effective manner possible. This all-mechanical design offers significant advantages over existing systems:

The SoftPak-260 is capable of handling a wide variety of Soft-Box types for DVD discs at rates of up to 60 per minute depending on box and component quality. The machine includes a title sheet insertion module and up to 3 booklets can be assembled in to each box. The current configuration of the machine allows for 1 disc to be inserted into the box. An optional ident code reader can be installed at the disc loading station. Any discs that fail ident code checking are placed on to a reject spindle and are not loaded in to the box. This is a safeguard against mixed product being accidentally or otherwise sent to the customer. At the exit station of the machine the user can select that the boxes are either closed automatically or left open for the manual insertion of additional components down-stream.

A key advantage of the SoftPak-260 is its innovative user-friendly design. Operators require minimal training; non-technical personnel can operate the SoftPak-260 with the set-up and product changeover being accomplished in minutes. Typically one operator is capable of running the entire machine and this may be a more flexible, cost-effective alternative to 2 operators running 1 high-speed machine. The innovative design reduces the need for regular planned maintenance. The use of standard, off-the-shelf components means that most electro-mechanical technicians can service the machine.

SP-260 Features

  • Compact, small footprint
  • Low cost
  • Compatible with most soft-box style boxes.
  • Up to 60 cycles per minute.
  • Easy to use with quick job changeover
  • Easy to maintain.
  • 1800 title sheet capacity
  • 3x (up to) 7600 capacity booklet conveyors
  • 8-station spindle loader, up to 1400 discs

Weight:approx 2000kg
Dimensions:approx 3000 x 1900
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 4kW
Air Requirements60-80psi, 8-10 CFM

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