CD/DVD Bulk Wrapping

ST-2700 Spindle Shrink Tunnel


The ST-2700 is a bulk heat-shrinking tunnel designed specifically for the CD industry. The concept is simple - a neat and economical oven, custom-built for CD spindles, using no more than 5KW of power.

The spindles revolve automatically as they pass through the oven, producing high-speed, low-cost, effective results. With its small footprint, efficient use of power, and rugged stainless-steel construction, the ST-2700 is designed to replace both oversized generic shrink tunnels and labour-intensive manual processes.

ST-2700 Features

  • Heater power: 5KW
  • PID temperature controller.
  • Design operating temperature: 140°C - 170°C.
  • Conveyor: heavy-duty chain driven, 120mm/sec
  • Automatic spindle rotation through oven.
  • Over temperature detection system.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Capacity: In excess of 1000 spindles/hour

ST-2700 Benefits

  • Cost Saving Oven

    The ST-2700 uses no more than 5KW of power; shrink tunnels commonly used in the industry run 10 to 15 KW. The cost savings for continuously-operating ovens are thus very significant. The typical payback period on energy savings alone is less than two years.

  • High Capacity

    The unit can shrink-wrap up to 1,000 sleeved spindles per hour. When compared with the traditional heat-gun method of wrapping, the ST-2700 offers substantial labor cost savings.

  • Efficient and Effective Results

    The patented revolving design feature ensures the most efficient possible use of the ambient heat and also produces extraordinarily uniform wrapping.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The ST-2700 is constructed from stainless steel. Its light weight and small footprint ensure that it can be easily integrated into any manufacturing environment.

Weight:approx 100kg
Dimensions:2200 x 400mm
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 32A

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