Handling & Labelling

TM-2250 In-Line Labelling/Tabbing Module


The TM-2250 is Bronway’s latest In-Line Tabbing (wrap-around/Spine) & labelling module.

The TM-2250 is capable of handling label widths of up to 160mm. The TM-2250 utilises a pair of spring loaded acetyl rollers to secure the label onto the product. This module comes pre-wired for upstream & downstream communication providing a fully integrated labelling line. Label placement accuracy is ensured as the labelling head is mounted on a 2-axis lead screw.

The TM-2250 is capable of edge tabbing or surface labelling a variety of media packages.

TM-2250 Features

  • Label Width: 20mm to 50mm.
  • Label Length: 20mm to <160mm.
  • Label Roll Core Diameter: 38mm or 76mm.
  • Up to 100ppm (Dependent on media package type and label size)
  • Product Capabilities:
    • Jewel cases.
    • DVD cases (Amaray etc.).
    • Video cases.
    • 80mm Sleeved CD’s.
    • 120mm Sleeved CD’s.

Weight:approx 90kg
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz

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