UC-3000 Universal Collator


The Bronway UC-3000 Universal Collator has been designed to facilitate high-speed, low-cost automatic assembly of all the various component parts found in a software package. Any typical components - from large manuals, through jewel cases and leaflets, to individual license agreements and registration cards - are all easily handled by the UC-3000. This highly innovative machine substantially reduces labor costs, improves product integrity, and will transform your fulfillment process.

Principle of operation: A series of vertical input hoppers lift the stacks of varying components to a waiting point where they are picked by a reciprocating vacuum arm and placed onto an indexing conveyor. This simple pick-and -place principle applies to rigid components such as jewel cases, floppy disks, CD sleeves, single sheets, etc.

Non-rigid components, such as books and other components that distort, are simply lifted and placed on a slide which transports them to the indexing conveyor.

UC-3000 Features

  • 8 Input Conveyors (expandable to 16)

    Up to 8 components per set can be configured through a simple menu selection. It is possible to link two machines to give a 16-station capability if required.

  • High Speed Operation

    Full set of up to 8 components assembled in approximately 2.6 seconds, or 23 sets/min. This equates to a throughput of up to 1400 collated sets per hour.

  • Double Indexing Capability

    The machine can be easily set up to double index, meaning it can function as though it were two separate 4-station collators. This DOUBLES the output speed on sets of 4 parts or less, yielding approximately 46 sets/min. This corresponds to an hourly throughput of up to 2800 assembled kits.

  • Full Product Integrity

    The UC-3000 has been designed to supply full integrity in the finished collated sets. An advanced air-blow system (together with innovative mechanical features) prevents the double selection of lightweight product, such as single sheets of paper. Sensors on the machine will prevent any non-selection of product from going undetected. These features combine to give a truly efficient process. Gone are the hazards of manual collation, like sending out two license agreements, or no registration card, etc.

  • Continuous Operation

    The input feeders can beloaded while the unit is running. This reduces the reload delay time to a minimum.

  • Ease of Operation

    The UC-3000 allows for set-up and operation by non-technical personnel. Settings are controlled via the keypad/display on the front panel, and simple mechanical adjustments allow for fast product changeover.

  • Flighted Output Conveyor

    The output components are placed onto a flighted conveyor belt ensuring both correct separation and coherence of the assembled sets. This facilitates easy handling as the sets are presented to the end operator or are interfaced with existing packaging equipment.

  • Product Types Handled

    Books, jewel cases, CD sleeves, single sheets of paper, card, floppy disks, and all other products which can be stacked vertically and lifted by vacuum.

  • Product Feed Sizes

    Max: 250mm x 230mm, 30mm thick
    Min: 90mm x 50mm, single sheet

  • Infeed Station Capacity

    Up to 0.75m high (subject to component stackability)

UC-3000 Benefits

  • High speed automatic collation of full software kit up to 33,600 sets per day (capacity is twice this if using double indexing feature).
  • Substantial labor cost savings - the payback period on the UC-3000 is typically in the region of 3 to 12 months.
  • Higher integrity in the finished product - the UC-3000 validation process ensures that all assembled kits contain the required components.

Weight:approx 1100kg
Dimensions:1600 x 2700mm, with conveyors extending 1500mm and 400mm either end. 2100mm high.
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 10A
Air Requirements80psi, <2 CFM, typically <1 CFM

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