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UST-200 DVD Box Upstacker


The Bronway 200 DVD Box Stacker consists of an inverter-controlled through-conveyer incorporating a double (2) box simultaneous stacking and counting module.

The boxes enter the stacking area in pairs and are stacked to the preset quantities before being moved forward to the collection/packing area. The stack quantities are adjusted for between 1-25pcs/stack via an operator display panel.

Effectively the stacking operates at 40-45pcs/min giving a total of 80-90ppm. This approach smoothes the process and delivers 2-(25pc) stacks approximately every 35 seconds for boxing/removal. The conveyor inverter setting controls the speed of stack delivery. For product not requiring stacking simply switch off the stack module on the operator display and the boxes will pass through the system.

The stacking module has an integrated “full” sensor system to stop the feeding of stacks if left unattended and a feed conveyor sensor to monitor boxes on the belt. Integrated I/O and PLC can feed stop conditions to up line equipment.

UST 200 Features

  • 200 Box Capacity
  • 8 stacks “1-25” 15mm depth boxes (max stack height 3756mm)
  • 80-90ppm based on stacks of 25 boxes
  • Box size:
    • Length: 191-193mm.
    • Width: 135-138mm.
    • Depth: 12-23mm.
  • PLC control system.

Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz
Air Requirements:80psi

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