Disc Handling & Inspection

IHS-2003 CD/DVD Dr. Schenk Handling System


The IHS-2003 handling system, designed for the integration of a Dr. Schenk Vcc.ism, is a mechanical handling system designed specifically to support the high speed automated inspection of CD/DVD’s in a manufacturing environment with minimum operator intervention.

The system is designed to inspect and/or reject discs at speeds up to 40 parts per minute (or greater depending on the Test System). The discs are fed to the inspection point by a six-spindle changer. The discs are presented to the inspection point by a pick and place mechanism and once inspected, are picked and placed onto a reject/transfer station. If the disc fails inspection, it is rejected at this point. Alternatively, it is picked and placed onto a spindle on the Output Conveyor. Exact quantities can be kitted to the output as required (i.e. 10s’, 25s’, 50s’, 100s’ etc).

Care has been taken in the design to ensure a minimum spindle change at the output so as to ensure minimum downtime when batching off in small quantities for manual assembly/fulfilment.

The design of the handling system has been carefully though out so as to enable easy access to the Dr. Schenk Vcc.ism for maintenance and reconfiguration through interlocked doors.

IHS-2003 Features

  • Floor Standing Unit.
  • 6 Spindle CD/DVD loading station.
  • CD/DVD Inspection from below.
  • Integrated CD/DVD reject station with a non-removable spindle through an interlocked door.
  • Full Spindle-Feed Conveyor (for continuous operator supply).
  • Empty Spindle-Feed Conveyor (for re-circulating empty spindles into IHS-2003).
  • Static Spindle-load station (for positional accuracy of IHS-2003 un-load to spindle).
  • Three mechanically synchronised Pick and Place Arms.
  • Precision encoder position control.
  • Up to 40 CD/DVD presentations at the inspection station per minute.
  • PLC Control with LCD MMI.
  • CE-Marked.

IHS-2003 Options

  • Spindle Elevator to cater for varying height spindles.
  • Hepa Filter.
  • Reject mechanism with secure collection bin beneath table-top.

IHS-2003 Benefits

  • Operator defined batch counts capability – invaluable where hand-packaging quality assurance is controlled by kitting exact quantities to operator.
  • 100% incoming inspection capability without risk of incurring line downtime.
  • Off-line sampling for process verification.

Weight:approx 400kg
Dimensions:2500 x 950 x 2000mm
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 5A
Air Requirements80psi, 10CFM

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