CD/DVD Bulk Wrapping

BPC-2700 Bulk Packaging Cell


The Bronway Bulk Packaging Cell is an integrated cell designed for bulk packaging of CDs on a spindle. The cell brings together Bronway’s SW-2700 Spindle Shrink Wrap Material Applicator, ST-2700 Spindle Shrink Tunnel and SF-2700 Spindle Finishing conveyor.

The rational behind the cell is to increase efficiency at the bulk packaging stage of the manufacturing process. This is achieved by automating the process of pulling shrink material onto the spindle, which is then fed directly into the spindle shrink tunnel and onto a finishing conveyor where the spindles can be accumulated.

This process means that the one operator can use a Bronway spindle counter to verify the number of CDs on a spindle, load the cell and unload the finish product. The cycle time of the system is such that the one operator could easily bulk pack 600 spindles per hour.

It is designed in a horseshoe configuration so that the dual role of load and unloading of goods can be completed from the front of the system.

The Bulk Packing Cell has been designed to reduce labour costs, shrink material costs and electricity costs by having a thermally efficient shrink tunnel.

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