SC-1650 Sleeve Collator


The Bronway SC-1650 CD/DVD Sleeve Collator is a unit designed to automate and simplify the production of CD/DVD sets. This machine accurately and efficiently collates CD/DVD sleeves into sets and sub-sets of up to 16 per set.

The smaller version, the SC-850, can assemble sets of up to 8 discs. Both are stand-alone, ergonomic units with minimal footprints. Compared with manual collation, the Bronway collators offer substantial labor cost savings together with real product integrity.

A new feature of the SC-850 and the SC-1650 is the ability to link multiple systems together to generate even larger CD/DVD sets. For example : two SC-1650 linked together can collate up to 32 CD/DVD sets when operated in linked mode, the systems can also be operated seperately with all the features of a standard system.

SC-1650 Features

  • High Speed Operation

    A set of 16 CD/DVD sleeves is assembled in approximately 6 seconds, which equates to 10 sets/min. Total throughput of up to 9,600 CD sleeves per hour.

  • Input Conveyors

    Up to 16 CD/DVD sleeves per set can be configured through a simple menu selection. The smaller SC-850 has a 8 disc capacity.

  • Front Loading

    nput conveyors can be front-loaded with up to 150 CD/DVD sleeves per conveyor

  • System Set-up

    The system can be set up via the keypad/display on the fron panel though a simple menu selection.

  • Continuous Operation

    The conveyors may be reloaded while the unit is operational.

  • Conveyor Empty Alarm

    If any conveyor empties before the pre-programmed production quantity has been completed, an audible/visible signal reminds the operator to reload.

  • Full Product Integrity

    Product set count and validation. Optional bar code reader for verification of individual CD/DVD sleeve/set.

  • Ease of Operation

    Allows set-up and operation by non-technical personnel via the keypad/display on the front panel.

  • Output/Packaging Options

    Finished CD/DVD sleeve sets are delivered in either of two ways: via a flighted output conveyor (shown above) for manual treatment by an operator; or via an actuating finger-push mechanism to interface automatically with packaging equipment.

  • Sleeve Types

    Card, Paper, Polypropylene, Tyvek, and Safety Sleeve.

  • Capacity

    2,400 CD/DVD sleeves can be held in the 16 input conveyors.

SC-1650 Benefits

  • Increased throughput with the ability to ramp up on demand. Up to 600 sets can be processed per hour.
  • Substantially reduced labor costs.
  • Rapid payback on investment.
  • Higher integrity in the finished product.
  • Ergonomic design; small footprint, easily integrated.
  • Choice of output delivery mechanisms to enable either manual or automatic finishing/packaging.
  • Greater level of automation for improved product flow after sleeving (reduces W.I.P. and eliminates bottlenecks).
  • Reduced manual handling of CD/DVD sleeves (cosmetic improvement).

Weight:approx 250kg
Dimensions:3300 x 1325 x 1300mm
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 10A
Air Requirements80psi, <1 CFM

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