CD/DVD Packing

TSM-160 Soft-Box Title sheet Insertion Module


The Bronway Softpak TSM-160 is a standalone machine that has been designed to automate the insertion of inlay sheets in to Amaray style DVD boxes. A choice of box feeders is offered to suit individual budgets and capacity requirements.

The TSM-160 is capable of handling a wide variety of Soft-Box types for DVD discs at rates of up to 60 per minute depending on box and inlay sheet quality. The machine can be supplied with options for box orientation detection and barcode scanning of title sheets to avoid title sheet contamination. The standard sheet feeder is able to accommodate pre-labelled sheets.

A high utilisation of hardened cams together with linkages, some pneumatic actuators, and AC inverter motors give the Softpak TSM the control, reliability and function of a high-end machine.

The Operator Control Panel utilises an Omron colour touch screen together with hardware push buttons for the more frequently used functions such as (Stop, Start, Reset and Emergency Stop).

A key advantage of the TSM-160 is its innovative user-friendly design. Operators require minimal training; non-technical personnel can operate the TSM-160 with the set-up and product changeover being accomplished in minutes. The innovative design reduces the need for regular planned maintenance. The use of standard, off-the-shelf components means that most electro-mechanical technicians can service the machine.

TSM-160 Features

  • Compact, small footprint
  • Low cost
  • Compatible with most soft-box style boxes.
  • Up to 60 cycles per minute.
  • Easy to use with quick job changeover
  • Easy to maintain.
  • 1800 title sheet capacity
  • High Utilization of Cam boxes, Plate Cams and Linkages.
  • Highly Rigid Welded Construction.
  • Motion is synchronized through a main drive shaft and AC motor.
  • Large Vane type Vacuum pump within machine body.
  • Precision encoder position control
  • PLC Control with Color Touch Screen Operator Panel.

Dimensions:approx 2000 x 1700mm
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 2.5kW
Air Requirements60-80psi, 8-10 CFM

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